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Transport and Climate change
Roelof Wittink, executive director of I-CE,  was invited to contribute with a presentation in a session at TRB in Washington (January 2009) on transport and the climate change to speak about cycling inclusive planning. Later that week this session has been followed by a workshop during the Transformation Transportation conference organized by the World Bank and EMBARQ. 

This workshop was dedicated to the Climate agenda and served to bring about a concerted effort by international organisations to get Transport on the Climate agenda in Copenhagen at the next COP conference December 2009. I-CE is the Dutch partner in an international network, engaging with international bodies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, ICLEI, CAI-LAC and CAI-Asia, to program for urban transport in Asia and Latin America.
The first meeting towards such an action plan took place in Poznan at the COP 14 (December 2008). It was the first time that there was a substantial representation from the transport sector at a COP conference. At a workshop organized by ICLEI, both Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Ivo de Boer, Executive Secretary of IPCC, stressed the need to put transport higher on the agenda.
There is full consensus about the direction of transport policies. Notwithstanding the value of measures for alternative and more efficient fuels, the main task is to avoid motorized kilometers by urban planning and an integrated facilitation of public transport, cycling and walking. The action plan is partly a political effort and partly a conceptual one, to develop  good indicators to measure the impact of sustainable urban transport and support local action with capacity building.


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