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A new bicycle manual for Ireland (2003 - 2005)

A new bicycle manual for Ireland (2003 - 2005)
The Dublin Transportation Office (DTO), the strategic transport and planning office of the Greater Dublin Area in Ireland, commissioned I-CE to prepare a new edition of the Irish National Cycle Manual. The existing, 5-year old, version had become obsolete and missed some topics that appeared to be badly needed to assist engineers working on Dublin's ambitious cycle policy.

An I-CE consultant (Jeroen Buis) was seconded to the DTO to work on the manual at the office in Dublin. The manual was drafted in cooperation with other Dutch consultants mobilised by I-CE. Consultation with DTO and local Irish engineers resulted in the decision to develop a substantial revision of the manual. The cycle manual provides local engineers with information to develop good designs and serves as an evaluation tool for the DTO to assess local designs for funding.


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