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Planning and design cycling routes in Bogota (1999-2000)

Planning and design cycling routes in Bogota (1999-2000)
I-CE was commissioned by the city of Bogota, the capital of Colombia, to assist the planning and design of a bicycle route on Calle 80, on of the main corridors of the city. This was a pilot in a plan to create in 3 years 240 km cycling routes in combination with a Bus Rapid Transit system and walkways and restrictions for car use and car parking.


BogotaThis plan was based on the vision by mayor Enrique Peñalosa from 1999 till 2001 to create a higher quality of life for the citizens. It was a tour-de-force in the framework of a social model. The transport planning came on top of the delivery of electricity, water and sewage for every household. New high quality schools and libraries have been built, and canals, parks and plazas were renovated to create attractive public space. The city transformed. I-CE was requested to set the stage for cycling planning on Calle 80. The provided assistance included:

  • Traffic studies;
  • An analysis of the position of the track on the corridor;
  • Analysis of possible bottlenecks;
  • Detailed design of the tracks;
  • Criteria for traffic signals;
  • Suitable locations for parking of bicycles.


The result of this project is four manuals wich can be downloaded here in Spanish


icon Design Manual (Bogota) (4.64 MB)

icon Maintenance (Bogota) (1.69 MB)

icon Signs and Markings (Bogota) (1.46 MB)

icon Traffic study (Bogota) (2.61 MB)




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