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Global Alliance for Eco Mobility
I-CE is member of the Global Alliance for Eco Mobility, a network initiated by ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) and Shimano. The alliance is a cross-sectoral partnership with UN bodies, private companies, business associatons, expertise centres and user organisations. The alliance aims to promote the integrated promotion of walking, cycling, wheeling and public transport, to improve health and the urban environment and to mitigate global climate change.

I-CE participated in the meeting to set up the alliance, during Velo City 2007 in Munich. The alliance has it’s office in Bonn. One of the first projects I-CE will be involved in is a toolkit for improved financing for cycling and walking facilities as part of investments in road infrastructure, developd by UNEP United Nations Environment Programme and FIA, Federation Internationale d’Automobile.EcoMobility


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