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Workshops for EMBARQ Turkey, 2010

Workshops for EMBARQ Turkey in 3 Turkish cities: Sakarya, Antaly and Eskişehir.

In 2010 EMBARQ Turkey invited I CE to assist EMBARQ in supporting the municipalities of Sakarya and Antalya to develop cycling-inclusive urban transport policies. As a result EMBARQ Turkey commisioned I CE to conduct a series of 3 workshops of each 3 days in each city. I CE experts Tom Godefrooij and Jeroen Buis conducted these workshops. In the period of 6 to 10 weeks between the workshops the municipal teams were given some concrete tasks for elaboration. 

The envisaged result of these workshops were:

assistenca eskisehir workshop june 2010. Picture Tom Godefrooij
• A better understanding of the importance of cycling as an integral part of urban transport planning;
• An analysis of the current situation of cycling in the concerning city;
• The drafting of a conceptual cycling network connecting important areas of origin and destination;
• The choice of a pilot route;
• The design of cycling facilities along this pilot route;
• Some suggestions for continued development of cycling-inclusive urban transport policies.
• And most importantly: the implementation by the municipality of the pilot route as a first step for creating a cycling network in the city concerned.

In 2011 I CE was asked to do a similar series of workshops in the municipality of Eskişehir.

The reports of these workshops can be downloaded by using the button below.


icon Sakarya making room for cycling (4.09 MB)

icon Sakarya making room for cycling 2 (2.15 MB)

icon Sakarya making room for cycling 3 (885.53 kB)

icon More and better cycling in Antalya (1.89 MB)

icon More and better cycling in Antalya 2 (2.15 MB)

icon More and better cycling in Antalya3 (1.52 MB)

icon Report Eskisehir Jan 2011 (1.02 MB)

icon Eskisehir workshop2 (1.29 MB)

icon Eskisehir workshop3 (1.24 MB)

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