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A Genuine Partnership april 2011

A Genuine Partnership, april 2011

I-CE finished the Bicycle Partnership Program, that run from 2007-2010. We can look back at a fruitful, enjoyable and productive cooperation with many partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America: civil society organisations, municipalities and universities in particular, with substantial progress in capacity building, knowledge development and policy influence.

We could also establish a broad cooperation in the Netherlands to deliver a broad spectrum of expertise and experience for exchange.

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We contributed to the quality of more than 300 km cycling routes, to the quality of strategies, plans and designs for cycling inclusive policies and interventions, and to the funding and quality of projects by advocacy organisations. Adding to the sustainability of our program is the establishment of networks of civil society organisations in Latin America, Africa and Asia, of local institutional settings for cycling policies and of the Cycling Academic Network. We noticed that progress on cycling policies goes hand in hand with empowerment of civil society and that municipality staff gave recognition to us that they feel more confident in taking next steps to make their cities become a cycling friendly city. It has been a genuine partnership.

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