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Award for I-CE director by Danish Cycling Embassy, june 2010

Award for I-CE director by Danish Cycling Embassy, june 2010


The Danish Cycling Embassy honored the director of I-CE Roelof Wittink with the Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2010.
The award has been given to him at the Velo City Global conference in Copenhagen, for his dedication to international cooperation and expertise on sustainable transport and poverty alleviation.

Roelof Wittink, I-CE director.

The Danish Cycling Embassy is a network of local governments, companies and civil society organisations to offer international support and cooperation with Denmark as a cycling country. The Danish Cycling Embassy shares with I-CE the aim to promote bicycling with transfer expertise and experiences on the integration of cycling in policies.


The award celebrates 8 years of support to local organizations and initiatives by I-CE with a subsidy by the Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation. I-CE built up partnerships with civil society organizations, governments, universities, agencies and the bicycling industry to integrate cycling in international cooperation. In this period cycling also arrived on the global climate agenda and it has become a subject for economic cooperation. Since cycling is an important component for a paradigm shift in mobility strategies, it seems to become a symbol for sustainable transport, lively cities and social and economic development.


In the Netherlands, we see a growing interest for our role as interface: more governments and companies, governors and professionals want to get involved in international exchange and transfer of expertise to exploit the benefits of cycling. They welcome that Dutch cycling expertise can pay a special contribution to international policy development.



See: Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion video



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