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Bicycle Rally 30 January 2010 at BRT Corridor

Bicycle Rally 30 January 2010 at BRT Corridor


Let us cycle for fun with a cause!!  Let us celebrate the only functional cycle track in India.


On the day of Gandhi Martyr Day- 30th Jan 2010, Kindly join us for the cycle rally. It is for the cause of promoting culture of cycling that we get together. While we all enjoy cycling, it is because of the poor cycling infrastructure that we are discouraged to do it. Cycling is an integral part of any urban transport system.

Ironically, cycling limits to the poor who have no other choice of transport. It is regrettable that the policy makers have always ignored them. The roads in our cities are clear examples of the govt. favoring the cars and ignoring the cyclist and the pedestrians, who keep the air pollution free at the stake of their lives. Let us all gather together to voice for making our cities cycle friendly. It is one of the efficient, fast and non-polluting modes of transport. Join us on the day of 30th Jan 2010. When we cycle from Ambedkar Nagar to Moolchand. The rally starts at 11:00 AM. Do bring your cycles. And in case you don’t have one, you may rent the cycles from the cycle stands located on the BRTS corridor at the following points(do bring you identity proof along ).


1. Ambedkar Nagar

2. Chiragh Delhi

3. Press Enclave

4 .Sheikh Sarai

5.Andrews Gunj


One may take these cycles from the stated locations, as per their convenience. Spread the message widely, to your friends and raise awareness to sensitize citizens to the benefits of human-powered mobility as a viable, healthy and safe alternative to private cars.


Bike the drive.

It is fun.Bike the drive

Like when you were a little kid

and you stuck your hand out

and said to your friend

give me five!


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