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Climate change bicycle race in Uganda 9-12 December 2009
News from our partner CSO FABIO: "FABIO is part of the National Climate Change Network (CAN-U). Fabio participated in the globle climate change week, held radio talk shows for sensitising the society and all the different campaign activities at national level.
FABIO is represented by two people in Cop15 Suzan our program Officer and Justine Ojambo our board chairperson, they are part of the national delegation to the conferance.


Bicycle race JinjaIn Uganda a big competitive National bicycle rally for four days is starting on the 9th from Jinja to Kampala and back to Jinja, the second leg will be on 10th from Jinja to the Eastern Uganda for two days. On the 12th we will have a circuit within Jinja town and it expected to attract many people as a final activity where we expect talks from the different personalities. We have teamed up with the private sector Hotels association that is exhibiting its food in Jinja and the Eastern cycling Association to do this. It is expected to be a big event and our messege is to put the bicycle up there as an effective tool to mitigate GGHE."

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