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Utrecht, The Netherlands (photo by Roelof Wittink)I-CE’s mission is to support the development of sustainable urban and transport planning.

I-CE capitalises on the rich Dutch culture on cycling inclusive planning. We are an interface between the demand and supply of expertise. To support civil society in cycling and development, we set up the Bicycle Partnership Program and cooperate with the Cycling Lab, the Cycling Academic Network and Cycling Out Of Poverty.







News Items:

Progress on Netherlands Cycling Embassy, august 2011


From May, progress has been made to set up a new foundation in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Cycling Embassy. The initiative came from several parties: I-CE, the Ministry of Transport and Waterways (now the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), the Cycling Council (a network with the national, provincial and local governments  located at CROW/ Transport Knowledge Resource Centre) and the Cyclists’ Union “Fietsersbond”. The aim of the Cycling Embassy is to set up a public private partnership that brings together initiatives from the private and public sector, to export products and expertise and to support cycling policy development abroad. 



Marketing of Cycling, May 2011


I-CE has been invited to contribute to the Complete Streets Forum on 27th - 29th of April in Toronto. Roelof Wittink gave a presentation with 6 components. 1.Significance of cycling & trends; 2. Marketing of cycling (policy); 3. The role of civil society; 4. Costs and benefits of interventions; 5. Cycling inclusive planning & design; 6. Cycling economy



A Genuine Partnership, april 2011

I-CE finished the Bicycle Partnership Program, that run from 2007-2010. We can look back at a fruitful, enjoyable and productive cooperation with many partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America: civil society organisations, municipalities and universities in particular, with substantial progress in capacity building, knowledge development and policy influence.


Turkish Sustainable Transportation Symposium

Kocaeli, 7-8 April 2011


I-CE expert Tom Godefrooij was one of the speakers at the Turkish Sustainable Transportation Symposium in Kocaeli in Turkey, 7-8 April 2011. The symposium covered the various aspects of sustainable urban transport, and was organised by EMBARQ (the WRI Center for Sustainable Transport in Turkey) and the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with the support of Union of Municipalities of Turkey.



Workshops for EMBARQ Turkey in 3 Turkish cities: Sakarya, Antaly and Eskişehir.

In 2010 EMBARQ Turkey invited I CE to assist EMBARQ in supporting the municipalities of Sakarya and Antalya to develop cycling-inclusive urban transport policies. As a result EMBARQ Turkey commisioned I CE to conduct a series of 3 workshops of each 3 days in each city. I CE experts Tom Godefrooij and Jeroen Buis conducted these workshops. In the period of 6 to 10 weeks between the workshops the municipal teams were given some concrete tasks for elaboration. 


Mexicans on the bicycle with aid of Dutch companies

Newsletter| 3 December 2010

In co-operation with the Dutch business community the Dutch Embassy in Mexico has developed a toolkit to promote the bicycle use and the security of the cyclist in Mexico.

The immediate cause for this toolkit is the  200th anniversary of Mexican independence and the 100th anniversary of the  Mexican revolution


The Netherlands Cycling Embassy


On 15th of December, I-CE together with the Fietsberaad (Cycling Council) and the Dutch Cyclists Union Fietsersbond, organised a meeting to explore the establishment of a Netherlands Cycling Embassy. The embassy has the aim to become a channel for international cooperation with partners from the public, private and civil society sector. Roelof Wittink, director I-CE, presented his view on the opportunities of the Netherlands Cycling Embassy.

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